The paint is not likely to fail over the primer. Last night I finally got around to renovating my bathroom. Being a shellac-based primer, it works wonders on severe water and smoke damages. Two coats if te Zinsser primer and you will be golden and extremely happy without sanding!! It covers much better than the primecoat2 (not a sealer), although the the primecoat2 sands to a fine powder and the 123 is more gummy but can be sanded after 24 hours or so. This water-based outstanding flexibility primer is designed for interior and exterior application. And note- too thick of an application of shellac can lead to other problems also- so a uniformed thinned application is best. I've been using the zinsser 123 primer/sealer. We stocked up and bought seven 5-gallon containers of Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 interior/exterior primer last March. In-fact that could be even longer if you apply a thick coat. Also, the efficiency is so high that it may even block smell arising from smoke damages on wooden surfaces. Too thick a coat of paint will and can fail. Other options New and used from $11.41. ! I use the foam roller to apply the majority of the surface and a cheap paintbrush if the tip of the roller doesn’t reach into certain tight corners. Zinsser is a brand that is a part of the Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers. You can coat a full ceiling or wall with it too. Things to consider before buying a drywall primer Thickness: Using a thick primer will let you fill in holes, bubbles, and gaps. Subscribe. The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin for a shellac-based primer. Often, the last third of the primer in the can gets a little too thick to work with easily. Mold Killing Primer like the name implies is a very good mold killing primer. This primer dries to the touch within 10-15minutes. Hence, your wall never has to go through the mess that a primer -less wall has to. If the wood is to stay outside, a thick oil or latex based primer will allow the wood to breathe more and prevent the paint from peeling due to varying weather conditions. Mold resistance and usage. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. The odor wasn't too bad but it's a good idea to open a window or have a fan running just to be on the safe side. Zinsser Cover Stain has a 2-hour recoat, meaning you can easily paint over it on the same day, even with water-based paint like emulsion. Since I only do one or two coats of primer, I don’t have to deal with the smell as much and it helps absorb into the wood better. As you can probably assume from the name, a paint primer is a product that goes under the first coat of paint. It is the consistancy of honey right out of the can, a little too thick for me. On that note, can any one recommend a high build, brush on, interior primer that is easily applied over to both old oil and acrylic paint, and which will take a acrylic topcoat: this is for baseboards and doors. Generally, one to two coats of primer will suffice for painting interior walls, but how many you'll need depends on the wall material, the paint color, and the type of primer used. Since Zinsser told you its ok to use, all you need is a finish paint comparable to the primer so that would basically allow you to choose any decent paint. Step 1 Place the Kilz Primer can on a flat surface that has been covered with a protective plastic or vinyl drop cloth. The primer from two of the seven containers when applied to MDO (we use tack cloth to clean the MDO sheets and Wooster rollers to apply the primer), however, immediately "bubbled" and left dozens of tiny bubbles. This particular product is one of the oldest and most trusted shellac-based primers and sealers on the market.Shellac-based primer can be thought of as heavy-duty stuff. $20.81 $ 20. The same bleeding through the primer happen again. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The primer dries white and uses any latex or alkyd paint for topcoat. Can I […] Fine Woodworking. Where there's a problem, there's a Zinsser primer, sealer or coating. However if it is too thick, you can thin using the proper solvent. But the product's thickness is inescapable since most bonding primers rely on thick viscosity to help paint adhere not just to ordinary surfaces like drywall but to problem surfaces like metal and plastic. Kilz Max. I notice that at the bottom of the can there is about a 3 inch thick epoxy like goo that just wont mix. Typically on cabinets, primer fails and exposes the factory finish underneath. STEP #4:: Apply a Second Coat. I am open for anyone who can help me with this problem. Rust-Oleum 247596 Magnetic Primer,Primer Gray, 30 oz. I've got a drywall patch going on the one big gouge I made. Ideal Use I glued a cap on one end of a 16 inch piece of pipe and then glued a threaded cleanout trap on the other. After going through all of the different methods of applying primer, I found a post from someone (I totally forget who) that involved making a chamber for the primer out of a spaghetti can. 81. This sealer is the 5-gallon quantity primer that gives a coverage of 1500-2000 square feet approximately. BIN sprays like a dream because it's so thin. That means typically both primer and paint come off together. Shrivelling & wrinkling of new paintwork occurs when the surface of the paint dries too quickly, therefore forming a skin before the paint underneath could dry. Rust-Oleum Corporation 260925 Triple Thick Primer will give you a super smooth white finish. The reason is – due to the primer, the paint adheres evenly. I next bought a quart of Zinsser 1-2-3 water base primer and spot primed the bleeding spots on the wall. Also, primer, like paint, is sensitive to temperature. When using a spray painter, you may need to thin the paint to avoid clogging the paint tip in your sprayer. and have a painter friend too, but just reading your post makes me want to

Very Nice looking! For interior wood, use a water based primer, unless it's pine in which case you should use an oil based primer. 2. I exclusively use Zinsser Bullseye 123 water based primer, it sticks to even laminate fake wood without sanding. Needless to say, a wall with a proper primer looks so eye-soothing. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer is also thick in consistency, so you don’t have to apply too many coats.However, some users dislike its heavy texture, saying it makes the primer tricky to spread and brush smooth. Its excellency for flexibility is just outstanding. What Is a Paint Primer? I am completely disgusted with this 2nd class product and I think I will return to the Zinsser 1-2-3 for bare wood. From mold and mildew to stains and protection, Zinsser makes it easy to resolve common issues in the home or on commercial projects. GET THE MAGAZINE & MORE. Rust-Oleum Corporation 260925 Triple Thick Primer, 1-Quart, White. Save 56% off the magazine newsstand price; Or, get everything with UNLIMITED, including 40+ years of the online archive. I begin stirring the primer and after 15 minutes I notice that its consistency hasn't changed. Some things to check: Surface sanded and vacuumed clean, primer stirred well, primer put on somewhat thin coats, 2 to 4 hours between coats. Today I began trying to prime the exterior of my house with Kilz water based primer/sealer using a Wagner PowerPainter Pro sprayer. The Rust-Oleum Zinsser Peel Stop Triple Thick 3.78 Litre High Build Binding Primer is designed to seal worn surfaces for a smooth finish. For top coating, this primer-sealer for old walls can be done with latex or any alkyd paint. Main Menu. Thinned primer is helpful when using a spray-application method, since thick primers may clog the spray nozzle. I personally like BIN because it dries really fast and the fumes don't linger like oil primer does.The finish is also smoother than oil. What To Consider When Looking For a Primer – 200-300. They are … It's pretty thick so stir it well before use. dont add water the primer is oil based and you should use minreal spirets or thinner, it come out of the can pretty thick and I think one or two coats should do the job latex paint is oil based as well there is a search engine on latex paints all you need to do is post it in search the web and it will tell you every thing you need to know Rust-Oleum Zinsser Peel Stop Triple-Thick Primer is not only applicable for interior but also for the exterior. Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer – Great Interior Primer Both for Bare and Painted Wood. I purchased some kilz primer about a month ago at home depot. So, I have read a little about Zinsser's Peel Stop Triple thick, and am wondering if this might be the solution for all of these problems. Still, if circumstances mean the drying time won’t affect productivity, go with undercoat. Known by the pro, loved by the DIYer. Product Overview Zinsser 1 gal. Thinned primer also covers more surface area, reducing the cost of materials for large projects. PrimeCoat2 Interior/Exterior Primer combines is Zinsser 1 gal. I am applying Zinsser Bullseye amber shellac on a cedar chest. Kilz Primer is a heavy-duty primer that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on a surface, however, due to its viscosity the product must be thinned down for use in a paint sprayer. I made one out of 1.5 inch pvc pipe. Professional quality, fast-drying formulas make problem solving simple. Kilz is the brand name of a paint primer used by many homeowners. How many coats of primer do I need? 4.2 out of 5 stars 121. The spray tip began to clog up and after about 1/2 hour I had to stop. Sanding takes a lot of time and can get tricky if you aren't careful. I've attacked it with the sander too, so most of it is somewhat smooth. It is likely to be worse if a thick coat of paint is applied, especially to horizontal surfaces. It is a deodorizer as well as a stain-blocker and sealer. When thinning water-based primers, KILZ recommends using no more than one-half pint of water per gallon of primer. Ingredient & Design: The sealer formulae had followed a thick creamy texture with a very negligible amount of VOC, which is less than 5g/L, excluding the colorant. Moreover, the primer has zero added solvent of VOC. For the first 15 minutes it worked great, but then the performance went downhill fast. Also if you have any wood polish or wax on the surface, that's why your paper clogged and you might have an adhesion problem. Zinsser 1 gal. Zinsser Smart Prime is one of the newest primers on the market from one of the best known brands for paint primer, Zinsser. While the consistency of primer is slightly different than paint, you should be able to make smooth strokes with an oil-based primer, and the brush stroke marks should fade a little as the primer dries. Once it starts drying or is applied too thick, it turns into a sticky mess. Its low-odor, tintable water-based formula blocks common stains and graffiti and will not raise the grain on new wood. Please click here to watch a video about Zinsser Shellac. When comparing Kilz vs. Zinsser, the two options come out fairly even in terms of mold resistance. Acquiring the right primer is key to getting the … Get your primer right, and you’ll have a great looking and long lasting paint job for years to come. I did use two coats to get a … PrimeCoat2 Interior/Exterior Primer combines is great for use on interior or exterior surfaces and guaranteed under any topcoat. Zinsser 1-qt. Non-latex may require alcohol if shellac based and regular solent thinner like mineral spirits will be a disaster - so check this out carefully. ... And keep in mind- that primer is NOT needed with Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan products! Can I spot test with the Zinsser Bin schellac primer over latex paint to see if it will stop the bleeding through the paint. It can also occur if a second coat is applied before the first one has dried. Covering between 200 and 400 square feet per gallon, this primer is exceedingly thick, making it difficult to handle, so use sparingly. – Andrew Dec 10 '12 at 3:30. add a comment |

They said they would only recommend it if covering something that had some grease spots/stains. Since there are latex and non-latex based product you need to be careful in selecting the solvent. Primers are extremely important in painting.