Luckily I'd gone with a dark charcoal one instead of my cream colored jacket which would have looked too much like white in pictures. The bride may wear a white wedding gown, and the groom may wear a tux familiar to Western culture. A summer wedding is … Just print them on sticker paper of your choice (or normal paper - a good old glue stick does the trick! The ceremony hall was inspired by a church when it came to design and layout. Hanbok is also a stylish but nostalgic nod to the union of past and present; if the bride and groom wear a gown and tuxedo, their parents might choose to wear hanbok and white gloves to honor their roots. So, if you have a not-so-close relative who is Korean American or marrying a Korean American, your presence at the wedding is not considered optional in the way it might be at a Western ceremony. The files are 300 dpi on half a US letter page, making for some cute, small outfit stickers. - and instead of exchanged vows or rings, it involves a lot of greetings and gifts between the families in form of symbolic food. (Also, if you’re giving cash as a couple, etiquette rules dictate you part with a bit more cash.) 1. If you’ve been invited to the wedding of a Korean American friend or relative there’s a good chance at least some of the old country culture will be incorporated into the ceremony, so it’s nice to know what to expect. One singularly unique aspect of a Korean wedding is the customary giving of a wild goose from the groom to the bride’s mother. The Korean Wedding Ceremony. Wear a tie if you want a sophisticated lift to your summer suit. Korean Culture (한국 문화) / My Korean Husband (나의 한국인 남편) October 27, 2014. A Korean wedding in the United States is typically a blend of customs and rituals from both countries. The groom has to do a lot of bowing through-out the ceremony! Hug It Out. Lv 4. At this particular wedding, the large number of guests made them take the group picture with friends before the family ones so that the largest chunk of people would be out of the ceremony hall. Korean couples traditionally wear a special robe to their weddings. Both bride and groom wear the traditional hanbok, a traditional Korean dress specially designed for the ceremony. After the wedding is a short Korean ceremony called pyebaek, which is for family members only. In general, Korean weddings are over quickly and aren't - to my European sensitivities - very festive. Jacobs said. Koreans were focused on modernization. ← Testing Weekly & Daily Layouts in my Bullet Journal, Portrait Sketching Practice of 2020 | Artist Reference Recommendations, Clownfish Dragon Creature Design - A Process, Painting Practice : Basics of Landscapes in Watercolor, Spooky, Witchy October Bullet Journal Setup, Bullet Journal Setup for 2019: The Simple Way, Inktober - Planning for a Creative Challenge in my Bullet Journal. I think weddings rings are more of a western tradition so if they're doing it American style, it will be the ring finger (next to the pinky) on the left hand. Many Koreans choose to embrace modern times and tradition by holding a Western-style wedding and a traditional marriage. The ceremony will start in one dress, and after the first three courses the bride will change into the next dress. I was gently encouraged to wear more while I was in Korea. If the wedding is strictly black tie, stick to a traditional tuxedo and avoid "getting cute" with it. The wedding is all about having the bride shine brightest! Focus on wearing breathable fabrics so you don't overheat during an outdoor wedding. After that, another outfit change into the traditional Korean hanbok was in order. After the wedding, the couple visits the groom’s family home for the pyebaek. Additionally, wedding ceremonies are called Taerye, or “the great ritual,” and the entire family is part of this ceremony. Sign up for blog updates, monthly freebies, and library access. Instead, most Koreans have Western-style weddings. Romantic Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Modern Couples, Korean Wedding Customs Guests Should Definitely Know. Modern Korean Weddings Posted by Ginny on Jan 7, 2010 in Culture Modern Korean weddings are much like Western weddings, in that the bride wears a fancy white dress, and the groom wears a black suit. While group pictures are still being taken, you can head over to the dining hall. With the number of guest at this particular ceremony being well over 700, that was the only way to have the wedding hall and even dining hall not be completely overcrowded. Jaymi Bride . Dress your best — but dress for sand!" I’m not an expert, but let’s just say I have more knowledge than the average, non-Korean wedding attending population. However, modern Korean weddings are traditional in the sense that the close relatives of the bride and goom who are female, wear a 한복. Being a Korean, it is not necessary for you to wear the traditional dress Hanbok every day and all the times. While there are lots of elements from Korean traditional weddings sprinkled through-out the modern version, the actual thing isn't that common anymore. The mother of the bride wears pink or purple and the … Korean weddings are a bit too short and lack that specialness, but Western Weddings are sooo long and sometimes too much “specialness” is placed on making the wedding day itself perfect…OR ELSE! Some guests don't even watch the ceremony, just hand over their gift envelopes, eat and leave. I added a little extra drawing as a wedding gift for the couple. At one point, the married couple and closest relatives will go into another room to complete the traditional Korean part of the wedding ceremony, but at that time, most of the other guests will have left already. After the ceremony is conducted with the bride wearing a white wedding gown, the bride and groom usually change into traditional Korean clothing to pay homage to the parents in a separate, smaller room. It looks like these images: This one is not a common style known as traditional wedding dress but a special one nowdays. As for … The wine ceremony symbolizes a divinely orchestrated love match. Korean traditional outfits are collectively called Hanbok, which included everything from tops, undergarments, overcoats, headgear, shoes, and even hairpins. Get ready to swoon! If you’re picking your outfit for a Korean wedding… “I would suggest that casual probably isn’t an option, and that smart casual is acceptable but not desirable.” …read on to find out more! A lot of Korean weddings don't take place late in the evening, so evening gowns or festive dresses aren't usual. If the wedding ceremony or reception will take place near the water, it might get cold. Like mentioned, business-casual is the order of the day. But when it comes to wedding, more people are showing their interest to wear their traditional outfit. This belief drives a lot of the customs, including the tradition that the parents of the couple invite everyone they know to the wedding. Today, I'm sharing 5 MUST KNOW tips that you have to know before going to a korean wedding, hopefully this was helpful for you guys & enjoy the vlog as well muah! Here are my dos and don’ts. Follow these and you’ll only make a minimal fool of yourself. Keep in mind that there will probably be no place to put down bags, jackets or coats and you'll have to carry/wear them all the time. Like mentioned: Business-casual) and went around the hall to greet everyone and, since they're musicians, sang a duet. Creative Journey & Self-Improvement: Mid-Year Goal Check-in! From traditional Korean attire to sharing the "head table" with parents, Koreans weddings … The amount depends on your relationship to the couple, with closer friends and relatives expected to give more. Western weddings focus a lot on the couple, but traditional Korean weddings are really the joining of two families. Nouvelle Mariee . Belle Epoque . 0 0. Their part of the ceremony is based in Korean traditional weddings, so they'll be lighting candles and greet each other with bows while wearing traditional Hanbok. Wedding are generally held either in a Wedding Hall or in a hotel, although an increasing number take place in churches. If you like the idea of showing a little unexpected skin, consider a stylish cutout. The wedding planner said that guests should not wear beach attire to the wedding itself — even if the ceremony is right by the ocean. " Vegan Oatmeal Toppings & My Illustrated Nutrition Guide! Korean Wedding Dos and Don’ts DOs. There'll be two tables to chose from - one for the bride's guests and one for the groom's - where you'll be able to hand over your envelope (with your name written on it) and sign the guest book in exchange for a buffet coupon. The bride will wear a pink or … In that case the bride will wear a red qipao, a Western-style wedding dress, and a ballgown. Got to see a gorgeous traditional wedding and offend old … Most weddings in Korea are Western in the sense that they wear Western clothing and have a Western style service, so the type of wedding is not simply based on the type of clothes worn – traditional Korean clothes (Hanbok) vs Western wedding gowns, but is more determined by wishes of the bride and groom. However, it’s considered slightly rude not to wear makeup in Korea (according to guys and girls). The amount varies depending on how close your relationship is, so try asking some friends or colleagues from the same circle on how much they give. Wearing this outfit, we can feel the uniqueness of … Answer Save. Couples enjoy the convenience of a one stop shop as wedding halls gives out services that starts from marriage registration, counselling, wedding dress, wedding halls, food etc. The bride often wears a red robe and the groom wears blue to symbolize the Confucian idea of yin (female, red) and yang (male, blue) energy. I've seen my fair share of jeans-wearing guests, too. Korean culture provides couples with a plethora of traditional performances to be performed at their wedding. Don’t wear red. Boat-shaped shoes made of silk, are worn with white cotton socks. Wear makeup – As much as I love makeup, I really don’t wear a lot of it – eye makeup and lipstick… yes, but I never really wore anything on my face. ), cut them with scissors and put them in your journal, planner, Filofax, or scrapbook. A standard Korean wedding ceremony will include an officiant and a Master of Ceremonies. The bride often wears a red robe and the groom wears blue to symbolize the Confucian idea of yin (female, red) and yang (male, blue) energy. A ceremony master guides through the process, which is opened by the two mothers. For a true traditional ceremony, the bride and groom (as well as close relatives) would all be in Hanbok - with traditional wedding adornments on top! For fall or winter weddings, you may want to wear a wool or wool-blend suit in a dark color like grey or charcoal. Unlike in the western world where weddings take place in a myriad of locations from churches, mountain tops, backyards, or wineries, a traditional Korean wedding is held in a wedding hall or church. (When I am referring to a traditional Korean wedding, I mean the Korean style of a western wedding, where the bride wears a white dress and groom wears a tuxedo when they walk down the aisle). This is your gift - you're essentially helping to pay for the wedding venue, food etc. It’s one of hanbok, of course, called 혼례복 (婚禮服, holyebok), which means clothes for wedding. One of them is ‎사물놀이 “samulnori”, a type of traditional Korean percussion music.The name itself literally means ‘the play of four objects’! Learn what to, Eastern Orthodox wedding ceremonies have remained unchanged since the 11th, Native American Wedding Customs First-Time Guests Should, Everything to Know About the Handfasting Ceremony Tradition. Your Korean American host may or may not be expecting you to honor this tradition, though. Subdued colors. Especially since I knew the event would take place in on of the most luxurious wedding halls of Seoul - I was expecting evening dresses and lots of colors. Choose an outfit you could wear to a business meeting or formal event during the day. Korean weddings are all about going back to one's roots. Of course, there are differences depending on the size of the event, the general level of luxury of the location, and the season. I mean, we could go on about how sucky some Western weddings are, especially when a bridezilla is involved, but I think we all already know about that. Depending on the couple's background, there might be other short interludes (my friend had a singer duo sing for her since both she and her husband work in the music industry) but generally, the ceremony will be over in about 20-30 minutes. 2. On top of that, my own wedding was a traditional Korean one, so both me, my husband and pretty much all the female guests came wearing Hanbok.So when the wedding of a close friend came around I wasn't too sure of what would be appropriate when it came to wardrobe. Men basically wear suits or a nice jacket, though ties are definitely optional. Where the bride has a dress (and a flurry of professional ceremony assistants assuring it always looks perfect) that limits her movements to half-bows, the groom will do the traditional full bow on his hands and knees in front of the parents to ask for their blessings. For traditional Korean weddings, the exchange of symbolic food between the to-be married couple, as well as between the two families, is very important. This wedding invitation portrait was a custom order. Fight off heat and humidity and still look put together when you wear a longer dress … Korean traditional wedding ceremony is full of colors and excitements. A headpiece or crown may also be worn. For example, I didn't even get to remove my coat! The dress code for guests could best be described as business or business-casual, partly stemming from the fact that a large part of the guests is comprised of co-workers. Halls can house intimate ceremonies with only 50 guests to larger guest halls housing 500 guests. Nowadays, grooms don’t have to go searching for wild fowl and can offer a pair of wooden geese to symbolize the custom. White is only intended for the bride, unless the bride and groom state that the wedding guests wear white because now some weddings do that. Mimimina here! Here’s a round up of some of our favorite Korean wedding dress brands! lol im really curious . Korean wedding dresses are romantic with a unique twist, blending feminine cuts with regal touches, and marrying the classic and the new in a perfectly graceful package. 2 Answers. You'll probably be able to greet the couple's parents there, too. Then, it's immediately time for some group pictures. The bride and groom will wear special wedding hanbok and will bow to their parents who are seated behind a low table stocked with traditional and symbolic wedding foods such as chestnuts, jujubes, and dried persimmons. I’m from the States and Korean, black is acceptable to wear at weddings. The hanbok represents thousands of years of tradition and is usually made of a lightweight material with bright colors, simple lines, and no pockets. The unwritten rule prohibiting any guest from wearing white is not common in Korea as it is in Western countries. A Look Back: Our Korean Wedding Ceremony. Traditional Hanbok are worn and, among other elements, lavishly decorated dishes and lots of bowing dominate the ceremony. However many she manages to catch is said to be the number of kids she’ll have. If you’ve been invited to your first Korean wedding, read up on the unique customs and traditions you’re likely to experience. Then, the ceremony master introduces first the groom and then the bride, who'll be led down the aisle by her father. Western-style marriages may take place in a church or a wedding hall. The elaborate Hanbok for weddings are colorful, covered in intricate embroidery, and surprisingly heavy!This wedding invitation portrait was a custom order. Yep, that’s right. I actually got married in a traditional Korean ceremony and will blog about that in the future! Fifty and some shades of colors in the traditional house’s courtyard and traditional live music have a power to make you dance in your heart. Modern Korean American couples might not subscribe to this idea so literally, but guests lists with hundreds of acquaintances of the parents aren’t uncommon. At this gathering, the bride will give her new in-laws dates and chestnuts, which symbolize the daughters and sons she hopes to have in the future. If you - like me - love to decorate your journals and stationery with outfit stickers, you can download the printable file for these illustrations here. During the Korean wedding ceremony, vows are taken in the kunbere ceremony. As a wedding guest, what you wear to a Chinese wedding is very important. In South Korea, brides, grooms and their family will wear ceremonial robes called hanbok to the kunbere, the traditional Korean ceremony. Your First Muslim Wedding Ceremony? Her in-laws will return the gesture and give her sake. Sooo, I got to go to a Korean Wedding this weekend with my boyfriend. At the end of the meeting, the bride will use the skirt of her hanbok to try and catch the dates and chestnuts, which her in-laws will playfully toss at her. 1 decade ago. Before the wedding there’s the Jeonanrye, which is an ancient Korean ritual that involves the groom presenting his future mother-in law with a wild goose to show that his commitment to her daughter is lifelong. in korea, which finger and hand does the wedding ring go on? Like mentioned, business-casual is the order of the day. Today a wooden goose is often favoured for convenience sake. I've seen my fair share of jeans-wearing guests, too. Here are 9 unspoken rules of what to wear to a Chinese wedding. A Wild Goose. Even though we have this valuable tradition, for certain period of time, having a traditional wedding was considered old-fashioned. Korean wedding ceremonies are largely inspired by Confucianism, a Chinese philosophy adopted by many in South Korea. The now married couple will change outfits after the ceremony and join the guests in the dining hall.On this particular occasion, the bride went from wedding dress to evening gown (by the way, none of the guests or even bridesmaids wore anything even close to a gown. ... so you can take a picture with the bride. The benches on the right side of the aisle were for family, the left side for friends and co-workers, but we chose to stand to see better.The actual ceremony is usually short. Here’s What to Expect. As a wedding guest, you never want to upstage the couple, but you do want to look presentable and stylish. Of all the things you could possibly get wrong at a wedding, what you wear will be the most obvious. If a registry is listed, and you feel more comfortable purchasing a gift from that, then there’s no need to bring cash, as well. Modern Korean American couples often choose Western-style wedding dresses and suits, saving the hanbok for a family-only post-wedding ceremony, or forgoing altogether. Wedding illustration for an invitation card to a traditional Korean ceremony. Dressing for a summer wedding is all about looking elegant while keeping it cool. Otherwise, undo the top button or two (no more, Fabio) of your shirt. Tagged: what to wear to a Korean wedding ceremony . EPiC. Men basically wear suits or a nice jacket, though ties are definitely optional. The newly married couple will then share wine from a gourd grown by the bride’s mother. But don't be surprised if you feel like you're leaving early - as mentioned, Korean weddings don't take very long, and as far as I know, there is no dancing involved. Chinese brides usually wear red on their big day, so wearing red as a guest will be considered impolite. It would be the right hand in some parts of Europe. Native American wedding customs differ by clan, but are universally centered, Personalize your wedding ceremony by incorporating handfasting, a Celtic, Avoid embarrassing faux pas at your first Muslim wedding ceremony. Monguae . The norigae (노리개) is a hanbok (한복) decoration which has been worn … A lot of Korean weddings don't take place late in the evening, so evening gowns or festive dresses aren't usual. Thank you for your request. Don't wear Yeezy to a wedding. Korean Fashion Do’s. (Geese mate for life.) Relevance. In South Korea, brides, grooms and their family will wear ceremonial robes called hanbok to the kunbere, the traditional Korean ceremony. I believe the couple didn't get a single bite to eat! The parents will bless the newlywed couple, and there will be an entertaining round of “catch the jujubes and chestnuts” to predict how many daughters and sons the couple will have! Our son, who teaches English and has lived in Korea for over six years now, said his marriage vows in Korean. Follow: Search for: thesoulofseoulblog. After all, you don’t want to look as if you are trying to upstage the bride! The mother of the bride wears pink or purple and the mother of the groom wears blue to signify their relationships to the couple. In fact, when we had our own 'second' wedding in Switzerland to celebrate with my Swiss relatives and friends, my husband was petrified when he found out we'd have to dance a little bit of a wedding waltz! Take your cue from the invitation. A2A. It’s traditional for guests to bring crisp cash in a white envelope to Korean weddings. Obviously now Korean weddings are westernized. Wild geese mate for life so his gift is designed to be symbolic of a life long … Modern couples often observe other religions, particularly Christianity, so some of the traditional customs might be altered or substituted to suit other belief systems. The bride's attire might include a white sash with significant symbols or flowers. The color people should avoid especially women at weddings is white. Korean Wedding Guest Dress Code & Etiquette - Illustration, Lazy Day on Jeju Island: Nature, Coffee, and Sketches, Colorful Weekend in Seoul: A Travel Diary. Since I love drawing outfits and makeup illustrations, this was the perfect occasion to document some of the fashion choices I saw on other female guests. Although he wore a western-style suit for the ceremony, and his beautiful bride wore a white wedding dress, they both wore traditional Korean clothes at their wedding reception and during the Korean tea pouring ceremony. You can thank us later! We're here to help you keep moving forward, no matter what your plans are. She'll be sitting in a room exclusively for that purpose, so especially if you're a guest from the bride's friend circle, that's probably your best chance to see her up close and give her your best wishes (but fast, other people are waiting in line!). Hi guys!! The couple will also read out their vows, and the fathers or a very close friend will hold a short speech. A black bowtie and polished black dress shoes are a must. If you are worried about the dark color being associated with mourning of someone recently deceased, the color white is traditionally the color of mourning in Korea as well as China. Grab food and an empty table (only chairs for the couple's closest relatives come labeled), enjoy the music and make sure to eat noodles! Noodle soup or any noodle dish brings luck for the married couple, with the length of the noodles symbolizing a long and happy marriage. Then again, after another three courses, the last wedding dress will come out. Sinbijou . Favourite answer. Some of the drawings are from my 'OOTD Seoul' post here. Disclaimer: I’ve been to two weddings in Korea. Bring an envelope (or use one of the envelopes provided somewhere near the entrance) with money. The bride will also throw her bouquet to an (already decided on) girlfriend. Need a non-ripped thing? Traditional Korean Outfits: Korea’s traditional folk costumes and outfits leaves the visitors in awe.With a brilliant display of color, art, and style, Korean traditional portfolio has left many wide-eyed. Do: Bring money as a present. Modern wedding traditions usually focus on the bride and groom, but in South Korea, family still plays a central role in weddings. Despite having gotten married in Korea, I'd never been a guest at a wedding myself. Parents and grandparents of the couple are more likely to wear the hanbok regardless of what the couple chooses to wear. These two will lead the couple through succinct wedding vows before the bride and groom bow to each other.