Let’s get started! Phil and Zhen are tea enthusiasts. It is an area that receives the cold winds from the north, has short days of sunlight due to the surrounding tall bamboo forests, and has a high mineral-content rocky soil. She was kindly taken under the wings of several lecturers of Wuyi University’s School of Tea Science for private tutorage. As with all of our teas, this tea is the product of expert artisan farmers. 2020 Year Promotion China tea Wholesale The Top Hand Jin Junmei Wuyi Black Tea Top Authentic Jin Jun Mei Tea Free Shipping US $13.94 - 18.22 / Piece Free shipping The glossy colors of gold, yellow and dark tea leaves transform into a warm golden-bronze liquor after brewed. The glossy colors of gold, yellow and dark tea leaves transform into a warm golden-bronze liquor after brewed. It has been specially picked, processed and packed to reach you in a perfect condition. Tea leaves for Jin Jun Mei. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Zheng Mu Rong of the Tea Science School of Wuyi University for the Jin Jun Mei sample and the Jin Jun Mei photographs.Â. Though it is not a historic famous tea, it has become one of the best seller tea in China. Black tea and smoked tea was born and the love affair with smoky Lapsang Souchong continued for hundreds of years. The authentic Jin Jun Mei has a compact cord-like look. There are two stories to explain the meaning of the character ‘Jun’ (beautiful horse) in the name. 25 – Shui Xian, Fo Shou, Huang Jin Gui | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Shui Xian Top Grade, China Tea ep. Jin Jun Mei made elsewhere usually consists of larger and lighter buds and are yellow. Red teas in China are experiencing a Renaissance. 15 - Long Jing & Bi Luo Chun - Sunday Tea Book - Sip-a-long - Ming Qian Not Long Jing, China Tea ep. Maybe u dont know but Jin Jun Mei … BESTLEAFTEA -Spring Picked Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea/Jin Jun Mei/Jinjunmei Black Tea/100g/3.5 oz Visit the BESTLEAFTEA Store 4.4 out of 5 stars 274 ratings Naming a tea Tie Guan Yin, it seems that zen…, Oolong Tea Oolong is also known as slimming tea, a beauty and health booster. Jin jun mei is sometimes called Golden Handsome Eyebrow and is characterised by golden tips in the dry leaf. If the tea does not handle boiling water, then that is an indication it is not authentic. It is one of China's most famous modern teas, and was developed in the early 2000s based on high-grade Lapsang Souchong (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) processing. This Jin Jun Mei is the tea that really got me into this magical world. All the black teas are made with mature leaves. Today, we look at Jin Jun Mei, a fairly new, quite delicious, and very expensive black tea. Every 500g of Jinjun Mei tea needs tens of … Its not popular - dont know why. Shop with confidence. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Authentic Jin Jun Mei Golden Beautiful Eyebrow Black Tea High Grade Loose Leaf at the best online … Even the empty tea cup has an enduring and aromatic story to tell, provoking different images if you smell the tea cup when it’s piping hot, comfortable warm, or back at room temperature. Add to cart. The market price can be anywhere between $6,000 per kilo to more than $16,000 per kilo ($450 per ounce, $7,200 a pound). There are many fakes and low quality versions of this tea. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Jin (gold), though can be a character for color, in this case represents its quality and rareness. You may have also heard of Yin (Silver) Jun Mei which is a level below Jin Jun Mei. Is it worth the hype? One of the most sought after of the high-end red teas is Jin Jun Mei – a fully oxidized tea created in 2006. Jin Jun Mei black tea is a famous black tea from the Wu Yi Mountains in Fujian Province in eastern China. Your email address will not be published. Haly Co. | 4 Track Tea | Ocha & Co | Hankook Tea | Eco-Cha | Hälssen & Lyon North America | Harney & Sons Fine Tea | Dilmah Tea | The Spirit of Tea | Wan Ling Tea House | TeaSource | Teasters Tea Company | Maya Tea | Tea and Glory | Bohea Teas |Zubin | Shohokuen | Amsterdam Tearoom | Tstix | Zhejiang Tea Group | Kenyan Purple Tea | Zhen Tea | SWG Tea (Vancouver) | TeaBox | Bagaria Group | Bitaco Tea | Lumbini Tea | Caraway Tea Company | Farmerleaf | Golden Tea Leaf | Teasenz Chinese Tea | Qi Aerista | Chunlun Tea | Baoshan Changninghong Tea | Libre | Cameron Tea | Simpson & Vail | Lake Missoula Tea Company | Millennia Tea | Paromi Full Leaf Tea | Tea Talk | Dethlefsen & Balk | The Artisan Tea Hut | Britannia Tea Co. |. Using the most delicate part of the plant, this handpicked tea requires 60,000~80,000 tea buds to produce 500g tea. Pu’er tea…. This was probably as a direct result of the success and high prices commanded by the newly created Jin Jun Mei Black tea. It’s great for digestion, diuretics, anti-allergy…, Boil Lao Paka Unique Pu’er Lao Paka Lao Paka is a traditional tea of the Hani people in Simao, Yunnan…, Sheng Pu’er Cake There are more and more books about Pu’er tea and the tea horse road nowadays. Keenly receptive to changes with cultural ramifications,Jin-Mei females were the larges… It was created in 2005 in Tong Mu Village of Wuyi. Then, in around 2005 the market began changing. It was 2005, and the tea is the one that is now well known in the black tea world as the best – Jin Jun Mei. Jin Jun Mei, or Golden Eyebrows black tea is one of the most sought after teas in China, prized for its delicate tiny buds and rich honeyed flavor. 100% Authentic 2019 Year TAETEA.. US$ 24.98 2013 YUN YA YIN XIANG Puwen Tea.. US$ 24.99 Golden Needle White Lotus * 2014.. US$ 119.99 2007 Year Yunnan Puwen Yunya Shen.. US$ 29.99 ... Jin Jun Mei (5) In Stock. Apr 19, 2018 - AprTea Mall Authentic Chinese Wuyi Jin Jun Mei Black Tea From China Tea Capital Anxi. Upon first sip you feel a sweetness. Jin Jin | (859) 269-3382 1060 Chinoe Road, Lexington, KY 40502 JIN JIN CHINESE RESTAURANT,Restaurnat,Chinese Restaurant,Menu The characteristic high mountain flavor hides under a fresh brisk, bright and comfortable liquid which opens your mind and makes you feel like you are walking in a forest in a deep and secluded valley. According to Chinese medicine experts Jin Jun Mei leaf tea is a great beauty tea as it can assist in your weight reduction program and beautify the skin. Jin Jun Mei is a celebrated black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China developed in 2006. It was then processed by tea master LIANG Jun-de who served in Yuan Xuan Tea Factory owned by JIANG Yuan-xuan. Teasource’s Jin Jin Mei and Yunnan sourcings 2013 offering. The name of Jin Jun Mei (金 – gold, 骏 – beautiful horse, 眉 – eyebrow) actually tells you something about the tea. Find great deals on eBay for jin jun mei. We present you the authentic Jin Jun Mei from the producer who invented this tea. Exceptional jin jun mei should have about 30% golden buds and small, dark, glossy leaves with a limited amount of fur. 21 – Lao Paka, Liu Bao Cha, Fu Zhua | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Fu Zhuan, China Tea ep. The other version explains this word as a good wish for the tea. Jin Jun Mei, or the “Golden Beautiful Eyebrow” is rapidly becoming the most highly sought-after black tea in the world. Your email address will not be published. The originator of black tea is in China. But be cautious, this is also a tea that could ruin your experience with other black teas because they may seem to be less good once you tried Jin Jun Mei. In dry form, Jin Jun Mei leaves are small, dense and twisted, with a black charcoal color and golden tips. Required fields are marked *. The main varieties are lapsang souchong, jin jun mei, dian hong tea, welcome to our loose leaf black tea store. The tea was invented based on the traditional process of Lapsang Souchong. Add to Wishlist. Jaq is an Australian who became a Chinese tea enthusiast after moving to Mount Wuyi, Fujian, in 2016. I think, even the dramatic price rise of Yunnan red tea is somewhat related to the Jin Jun Mei phenomenon. Note: Promotions are not screened by Tea Journey. The buds are subsequently fully oxidised and then roasted to yield a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavour with a long lasting sweet after-taste. it seems to be drinking a rose bouquet that together with the malty and chocolate notes makes it by far the best tea I've ever tried. Jin Jun Mei, a pinnacle black tea, is the only black tea that is made with buds. Authentic Jin Jun Mei is made from the Cai Cha varietal that grows untamed on one of the peak mountains of Tong Mu village in China’s Mount Wuyi region at 4,500 feet (1,400 meters) above sea level. Many hold it as the best Chinese Black Tea. Dongding is the name of the mountain, oolong…, Tie Guan Yin Zen and tea have always been intertwined. It was gifted to me a couple of years ago and I've almost finished it up. What would it taste like if the black tea is made with buds only? She hopes to introduce many fellow Australians to the benefits of drinking fine teas through The Artisan Tea Hut. Jin Ping Mei a sixteenth-century Chinese masterpiece, is one such book. Il a été créé pour la première fois en 2005. There are two well-known English translations of this work. Add to Wishlist. 0 Orders . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Jin Jun Mei, meaning Golden Beautiful Eyebrow, is named for the abundant golden tips and beautiful leaves. 11 - Gongfu Tea Tools - Sunday Tea Book - Sip-a-long - Aged Shou Mei (2014), China Tea ep. Our offers different grades jinjunmei tea.Jin Jun Mei Tea is that it is handcrafted by a master tea maker in the whole process. Technically, actual, "real" Jin Jun Mei has one source and cost around 90-100 USD per oz. The horse has a good connotation in Chinese, meaning success or things quickly moving in a good direction. Foreigners are stopped at the checkpoint leading to Tong Mu village after horticulturalists tried to steal some cuttings from the area which is famed for its beauty. Just one gram of Jin Jun Mei requires 108 tea buds, which takes roughly half an hour to hand-pluck. Inspired to produce a top grade black tea, Mr. Jiang Yuan Xun and his team set their minds to experimenting. One version says it is named after the process master. Jiang Yuan Xu ultimately lost the appeal, with the judges finding that Jin Jun Mei was a … Authentic kiln Tea cups Dehua Golden Lotus Flower Cup Thickened Ceramic Kungfu Jin Jun Mei Teacups Tea Set Single Cup US $7.14 - 16.52 / piece. How to lose weight with tea? No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Besides, Jin Jun Mei indirectly caused price rise of other red teas in China. The story of Jin Jun Mei began with an interesting talk between Mr. Jiang Yuan Xun and two tea businessmen from Beijing. After several years of trying, they successfully invented a process that can provoke the best flavour from the tea buds without ruining their shape. As we continue to bring you top-notch tea, we have noticed delays with our carrier due to the current situation. Thank you for your support and patience. 22 – Oolong Tea | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Rou Gui, China Tea ep. Powered by LiveMarket, by Save the Children - Sri Lanka Country Programme - 2 weeks ago, Camellia Sinensis | Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas | Young Mountain Tea | Craftea | Mad Monk | Misty Peak Teas | Jalam Teas | Tea Squared | Tealet | Australian Tea Masters | Adagio Teas | Nothing But Tea | Teatrade | Yunomi Tea | Firsd Tea | Hong China Tea | Thistledown Cozies | Teatulia | Lochan Tea Company | Mighty Leaf Tea Company | International Tea Importers | Rolling Leaf | El Club del Te | Rishi Tea | Tea Total | Teatrade Mart | TeaLula | The Green Teaist | World Tea Podcast | World Tea Academy | P&T – Paper & Tea GmbH | The Daily Tea | Wild Qi Tea | Tea Vivre | Conundrum Tea | Tea Cosmos | The Tea Emporium | Teas Etc | UK Tea Academy | Royal Tea New York | ITO EN | JoJo Tea | G.S. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring from the tea plant. Authentic Jin Jun Mei with affordable price, rocky mineral flavor, an alluringly sweet fruity note. Jin Jun Mei Tea Benefits. Every 500g of Jinjun Mei tea needs tens of … Mei (eyebrow) depicts the shape of the tea – the tea buds are slightly curled just like an eyebrow shape. They all realized that, unlike all other tea types, there was not a single high end black tea in the market. PLEASE BE AWARE that this Jin Jun Mei is absolutely authentic and highest quality. Even after many infusions, you can still enjoy a full-bodied flavor with sweetness, and the tea buds are still vigorous and lustrous. 23 – Tie Guan Yin & Da Hong Pao | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – TGY Classic, China Tea ep. Favoring security and stability, Jin-Mei men tend to harboran aversion to change unless it guarantees an advance in socialstanding. Depuis sa création, le Jin Jun Mei est devenu un thé noir connu et très apprécié pour la subtilité, la douceur, son concentré de saveurs, ainsi que … One other Beijing tea businessman SUN Lian-quan did a lot in the promotion of this tea Jin Jun Mei. The dry leaves smell of wild roses and bush honey. This connotation comes from the ancient times when gold is rare and precious. Lightly covered with fine hair, the tea is stout and strong. Copyright © 2020 ZhenTea. It typifies how a traditional tea master can transform well-tended, high-quality modern leaf into an elegant, deeply-flavored finished tea that quickly attains world-class status. The Jin-Mei male is generally carefree and good-humored about all thingsexcept his class status, which is of critical importance to his personalwell being. All Rights Reserved. Package: Weight: Clear: Quantity. Authentic Jin Jun Mei is made from the Cai Cha varietal that grows untamed on one of the peak mountains of Tong Mu village in China’s Mount Wuyi region at 4,500 feet (1,400 meters) above sea level. It is amazing. If anyone wants to do any swaps for Jin jun Mei I would be willing. One is a taster from the east, the other is a new tea nerd from the west. Tea and Health – What affects caffeine in tea? This is market price so anyone who is selling Jin Jun Mei for 8 USD/oz is selling something somewhat different. Jin Jun Mei was invented in Tong Mu Guan in 2005. It is this zhengyan land that is part of the overall definition of the most authentic Wuyi teas. 24 – Dongding Oolong, Tie Luo Han, Rou Gui | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Rou Gui Ma Tou Yan, China Tea ep. How to make Gongfu Tea – A Guide to choosing and using the Gaiwan and Teapot, China Tea ep. There are two well-known English translations of this work. I've made a friend in Wuyi Shan who's family produces good and affordable jin jun Mei. Jiang Yuan Xu tried to trademark Jin Jun Mei. If you see tea with many golden buds then this is, in our opinion, lower quality tea (despite what the supplier may write). Le Jin Jun Mei, est un thé très récent, contrairement aux autres thés. 9 – Tea Table/Tray and Tea Cup – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Qian Liang Cha 2012. In addition, the production process of Jin Jun Mei black tea is as same as the traditional Lapsang Souchong. In 2018 she published a novella, called The Found One, about Mount Wuyi’s tea culture. That led to a six-year battle that went all the way to the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing. Jin Jun Mei is a new Chinese black tea. [1] In addition, Jin Jun Mei has inspired a new wave of red tea products. The 3 grams of Jin Jun Mei I consumed cost around $7. Jin Jun Mei grows in the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, because of its cultural and scenic value. 19/abr/2018 - AprTea Mall Authentic Chinese Wuyi Jin Jun Mei Black Tea From China Tea Capital Anxi. Lightly covered with fine hair, the tea is stout and strong. If you wanna brew gong fu, try 4-5g/100ml and something like 5 sec, 7 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 25 sec...I dont know how good sort you have but I can brew this tea 7/8 times.