The .458 Winchester Magnum was designed from the outset to duplicate the performance level of the .450 Nitro Express and the .470 Nitro Express, which had become the mainstay of African dangerous game hunters. .375 H&H vs. .458 Win Mag Hi there, I would like to know from you guys what you think would be the preferred rifle for a trail-guide in Africa. It fits in a standard length rifle action, unlike other magnums such as the .375 H&H or the .416 Rigby. The .416 Rigby has always used a 400 or 410 grain bullet, although Woodleigh has introduced a 450 grain in both soft nose and solid. These cartridges all have one thing in common. I have left out .470s, .500s or any doubles, or powerful wildcat bolt-rifles as they are out of the reach of the average guide. Mag., 300 WSM, 300 SAUM, and 300 Wby. Long, heavy bullets have high sectional density (SD) which is the ratio between their diameter and weight. I finally bought my third and maybe last 375 H&H. Although considered a medium bore, the .375 performs much more like a true big bore. In all seriousness, a .458 Win. The .470 NE appeared in 1907. It received much publicity as famed African hunter Harry Selby’s preferred round. The .458’s had been prohibited to prevent them failing into the hands of native liberation movements who often used older .458 caliber Martini rifles. It fired a 510 grain bullet at a claimed 2150 feet per second and over 5000 foot pounds energy. To avoid exceeding the required maximum overall cartridge length of 3.340 inches, bullets have to be seated quite deeply into the case. In 1956, Winchester saw an opportunity. Use solids for elephant and follow up shots on buffalo; and expanding bullets for anything smaller. 338 WM VS 375 h&h I had 4 pass-through shots this past spring on a 9' Kodiak boar with my .375 h&h, shooting Barnes tsx bullets. Hunting Books S/N 169492 with matching scribed bolt made in 1950. Unlike its contemporary, the .375 H&H, the .416 is a true big-bore. They fire wide, long, heavy bullets at moderate velocity. Winchester took their .458 Winchester Magnum case—itself a shortened and blown out .375 H&H case—and necked it to hold the .338″ diameter bullets the company used for its rimmed .33 Winchester. The .458 Lott is therefore too long to fit in a standard length rifle action, but it also has considerably more case capacity. Today, several companies offer production bolt-action rifles chambered for the cartridge and factory ammunition is again available in good quantities. Mag., making for a highly useful cartridge. (L-R): .458 Win Mag, .458 Lott, .460 Weatherby. Joseph Lang, the .470’s designer, didn’t realize at the time he had created something better than the .450 NE whose performance he intended to equal. Shot a 52" moose at over 300 yards with Speer 285 gr. ; 7mm Rem. A high SD is anything above .270. Here are some performance figures for modern .458 Win Mag factory ammunition. Let’s see what makes them special. Terrain Navigator Available in .375 Holland & Holland, .416 Rigby, .458 Winchester Magnum, and .458 Lott with a 5, 3 and 3-round fixed magazine. LJ Bonham is a semi-subsistence hunter, hunting magazine editor, and firearms enthusiast who lives in the Rocky Mountains. American adventurers and African professional hunters took notice, and the .458 Win Mag created quite a stir. Travel Books, Plan Your Alaska Trip Refine by Caliber: 416 Rigby 416 Rem Magnum. 270 grain: 2700 fps/4370 ft-lbs, SD .274 (Hornady InterLock), 300 grain: 2530 fps/4263 ft-lbs, SD .305 (Hornady DGX), 350 grain: 2300 fps/4112 ft-lbs, SD .356 (Norma PH), 400 grain: 2300 fps/4905 ft-lbs, SD .330 (Federal TBBC), 400 grain: 2400 fps/5115 ft-lbs, SD .330 (Federal Woodleigh Hydro Solid), 450 grain: 2150 fps/4620 ft-lbs, SD .371 (Norma PH), 400 grain: 2300 fps/4698 ft-lbs, SD .321 (Hornady DGX), 450 grain: 2150 fps/4620 ft-lbs, SD .361 (Norma PH), 400 grain: 2250 fps/4496 ft-lbs, SD .272 (Federal TBBC), 500 grain: 2090 fps/4849 ft-lbs, SD .341 (Federal TBBC), 500 grain: 2150 fps/5132 ft-lbs., SD .318 (Federal Swift A-frame). The Jeffery gun company introduced the .404 in 1905. Needless to say, he didn't win the wrestling match and was hammered pretty good. order your copy,