Spot-clean heavily soiled areas before washing. Prepare the sink according to fabric type. Old caps don’t always have this, though. To test, rub a small … Commissioned officers, except aviators, will wear the insignia of rank on the right side of the cap. First, check your cap's tag to find the washing instructions. I don't know what it's safe to clean them with, how to store them, etc. Here's how to clean them without spoiling their shape. Hi, I have two old military hats from my great-grandfather's service in WWII. A miniature device - the Navy shield worn on officers' visored caps - … Enzyme Treatment for Hat Sweat Stains. The vast majority of today’s hats are colorfast, meaning they have some blend that helps them retain color upon washing. USN Caps Sounds good as I have always had a slight problem with rolling the neckerchief and also never realised it would be better to iron it damp and let it dry. Flip sock hats inside out for awhile, too. These can be found online or in retail stores. Unfortunately, they haven't been stored too well by my family, though now that they've passed to me I want to try and restore them. However I am confused with the caps as I was told by a US sailor that it should have the brim folded over in half as that gave the 'rolled' effect when undone. Unfortunately, caps made before 1983 didn’t require a hat to be labeled, so you may need to do some research to confirm the care information. Garrison caps, which may be worn in place of the regulation visor cap, will be blue, white, khaki or green material to match the uniform. I have a White's inspection coming up and I do not live near any Naval Bases to pick up a new Dixie Cup. If you are washing a cotton or polyester hat, fill a sink or washtub with warm water. 6. We recommend having a look at our article on what do the washing symbols on clothes mean to learn more about the best ways to wash clothes. Start filling a sink or bucket with cool water and add a few drops of mild laundry detergent. Flip the hat over at some point so the bottom or inside can dry. While baseball caps and similar style caps can be dry cleaned to remove sweat stains, it’s often not worth the cost. Lay the hat flat on a clean surface. If there aren't any, mix warm water with a … The first thing you should do before cleaning your baseball cap if you don't want to ruin it is to see if it has a label with washing instructions - this way you can be sure about the best way to keep your cap in top condition. Lay the hat out on a clean surface and let it air dry. Dampen a clean cloth in the soapy water, wring out the excess, and rub it over the dirty area(s). Whether you wear a baseball cap for work or play, it will need some occasional upkeep.But before you start, read the hat's interior fiber content tag that should include the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Please, spare me the "where is your inspection ready cover" because this was my inspection ready cover, until I decided to wash it to get the old fashion role and now I'm left with a … 1. As you are filling the sink with water, add one scoop of a product such as Oxi Clean White Revive, one cup of hydrogen peroxide, and one tablespoon of dish liquid. Never dry a wool hat in a dryer, as the hat will shrink significantly and may be completely ruined. The first thing to do when cleaning an old cap is to give it a color test. Mix warm water with an enzyme-based cleaner like those used to clean pet urine.