What does "open pollinated" and "heirloom" mean? At the heart of our organization is a seed bank that houses a collection of 20,000+ rare, open-pollinated varieties. Tomato growing and seed saving guide included. USA (states in alphabetical order)NameURLLocationNotes / more infoThe Tasteful Gardenwww.tastefulgarden.comAlabama, USAThey sell organic and non-gmo tomatoes, herbs, edible plants and many more. 3. I will also share a couple of our favorite seed varieties from each company! Foundroot Alaska, USA. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. We will still be shipping orders as quickly as we can. Old seed varieties with amazing flavor that grow well in your garden. Michigan Heirlooms 209 E. Wardlow Rd. They also offer several variety packs for even more value, like the Pollinator Pack and the Salsa Pack. Native to North America, pumpkins have been a significant fall harvest crop for over 5,000 years. Annie's has hundreds of old-fashioned heirloom, organic, and nonGMO vegetable seeds of all kinds. The best heirloom seed varieties passed down with care through generations. Clear Creek is a small, family-owned business specializing exclusively in open-pollinated, heirloom seed varieties, including flowers, herbs and vegetables. Retail store in Asheville, North Carolina. Our 500+ varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds are all non-GMO, untreated, and open-pollinated. The Heirloom Greens Mix has 11 varieties with a guide for baby greens all year! Growing out of our own love of plants and gardening, we have strived to bring exceptional variety and excitement to our catalog of seeds. Heirloom seeds? For 2021, we’re adding 28 new varieties to our listings, including 6 tomatoes. When the plants are 3" tall, thin by cutting all but the three strongest seedlings per hill. Live the Garden Life with garden to table recipes and home decor! from $3.50 Art Pack - $3.95 200 Seeds - $3.50 600 Seeds - $6.50 1 Pound - $44.95 4 Ounces - $59.95 Add to Cart Add to Wish List View Details To see all of our seeds, click HOME. New tomatoes for 2021. Johnny’s heirloom varieties are all open-pollinated, non-GMO, and untreated. Ferry-Morse has been trusted by gardeners since 1856. All of our seeds are non treated, non patented, non GMO and non hybrid. You can also check their website for their products lists. Join us today and grow your own incredible garden. Add to Cart. There are a million garden seed companies. Shop our online heirloom seed catalog or request a catalog and shop from home. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our Certified Organic farm-based seed company offers seeds that are customized for the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. The Incredible Seed Company invites you to create a garden that is delicious, nutritious and beautiful. We're a revolution! Organic vegetable seeds? We carry the best selection of Franchi Old World Italian Seeds, imported directly from Italy, which means non-GMO, open-pollinated seed goodness. 4X4 Raised Bed Garden instructions included. The Salad Garden Package has 9 different ingredients for your homegrown salad! The Smoky Mountain Heirloom Seed Collection 100% Non GMO Open Pollinated Seeds . Get fresh organic and heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Granny Cantrell Tomato Seeds QTY. For each pack of non-GMO, heirloom vegetable seeds you buy, we donate one to someone in need. Highland, MI 48356 248-343-1976 Karen@michiganheirlooms.com Snake River Seed Co-op takes pride in offering a selection of top-of-the-line seeds grown using sustainable methods by family farmers in the Intermountain West. This means that you may think you are supporting an heirloom seed company but in reality the company is owned by Monsanto. Clear Creek Seeds. Your trusted source for Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid seeds. Our quality seed is delivered in the Urban Garden Seeds, heat-sealed, mylar lined kraft paper packaging. Contact: 256-403-3413 or through them through their contact form.Foundrootwww.foundroot.comAlaska, USAFoundroot sell … I also love Strictly Medicinals Seeds because they specialize in medicinal herbs. Join our mission to empower everyone on the planet to feed themselves. We built a movement, not a seed company. Farm Direct Organic Seed (Avondale, CO) USDA Certified Organic seeds grown on their market farm on the high plains of Colorado. South GA Seed Company. We offer you one of Europe's largest ranges of unique and unusual plant seeds. Grow heirlooms and enjoy the vegetables that your Grandparents grew with the flavor that you can only remember! Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including many Asian and European varieties. Take a look at our online store, where you’ll find over 400 varieties of Franchi heirloom seeds! The company has become a tool to promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage. Foundroot sells 100% open-pollinated seeds. We ship our USA grown, Non-GMO Heirloom seeds across the United States. Free shipping any order of $35+! Grow one, Give one. Seed Savers, a nonprofit organization, has “wonderful heirloom seed, a beautiful catalog and a great mission,” wrote a Mid-Atlantic gardener who puts sustainability first. BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS AMERICA'S TOP SOURCE FOR PURE HEIRLOOM SEEDS We apologize, but until further notice, the Village, Seed store, Restaurants and phones will be closed. Providing low cost-per-seed and high shelf-life packaging, these seeds are vital additions to any "preparedness plan" for home, group or community. Welcome to The Heirloom Seed Store! Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company (Mansfield, MO) Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company carries rare, heirloom seeds from the 19th century, many Asian and European varieties. "My favorite seed catalog is Baker's Creek because they test and sell heirloom varieties. #1 – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – If you live in the south, then you will not find a seed company more tailored to your garden than Southern Exposure. A lot of people are working together in this endeavor, and you can help by mindfully selecting your seeds from companies such as these. Harvest the seeds at season’s end and replant year after year, preserving the traditions and flavors of the past. They specialize in rare heirloom and expertly bred seeds for challenging climates. Contact: 907-414-3077 and Email: [email protected] They have a smaller selection, but provide warm, highly personal customer service, great prices and fast delivery. Since 1975, we have grown, saved, and shared heirloom seeds and led a movement to protect biodiversity and preserve heirloom varieties. Sustainable Seed Company is a small, family owned and operated independent seed company specializing in heirloom and organic seeds. Choose from award-winning Johnny's-bred pumpkin varieties, select open-pollinated heirlooms, and vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids. We grow, clean, pack and sell sustainably produced open pollinated, vegetable, flower and herb seed, from multiple garden sites in the beautiful San Luis Valley of South-Central Colorado. 13. With every generation of seed being saved, our seed becomes more adapted to our region. 20 {Very Rare Bean} $3.50. Comprehensive list of mail order seed companies. Please contact us by email at seeds@rareseeds.com … 25 (Indeterminate) $2.49. It's beautiful and practical. 14. Featured Products. Here at Annie's we LOVE heirlooms! Seed Spacing: Sow Heirloom Early Prolific Straightneck Squash seeds roughly 3' apart in rows. I just ordered a TON of seeds from both companies because we are starting an herb farm here on our new homestead!" South GA Seed … This Nova Scotian seed producer's 2020 catalogue is live and shoppable online. Welcome to High Ground Gardens! Taste the Heirloom Tomato rainbow of colors. Mary has signed the safe Seed Pledge Heirlooms vegetables that have almost been forgotten, old cultivars of useful and beautiful plants, herbs and medicinal plants from all over the world, rare wild plants, exotic varieties from extreme climates and species used in ethnobotany. The Victory Seed Company is a small, family owned and operated organization that works to preserve plant varieties by locating, growing, documenting and offering rare, open-pollinated, non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds to home gardeners. Now, here is the phone book you’ll need to order from 77 different heirloom seed companies around the world. Heirloom Seeds; Heirloom Seeds. Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites. Heirloom among the best winter spinach varieties. Blue Shackamaxon Pole Bean Seeds QTY. Let’s go over some options, focusing on companies that provide certified non-GMO, heirloom, and organic options. Started in the early 80’s by a husband and wife team, Southern Exposure has prided themselves on providing heirloom and non-gmo seeds provided by their own network of small American farms. Non-Hybrid Seeds Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seed Packs are the sustainable gardening choice of home, homestead, and professional food-gardeners and seed investors nationwide. Also information for growing in the garden. Over a decade in business bringing gardeners rare and exotic edible, heirloom and ornamental seeds from around the world. Check. From our family to yours, we hope to share the passion of growing and discovery. Organic, heirloom and southern seeds at Sow True Seed. Pictured here: Everglades, a vigorous, pink cherry tomato, Tropical Sunset, a true bicolor cherry, and Kellogg’s Breakfast, an heirloom beefsteak. Your one-stop source for non-GMO seeds. These seed houses are nurturing, collecting, preserving and cultivating heirloom and endangered varieties of food crops ensuring local food security. Celebrate Michigan's seed heritage with our heirlooms from Michigan. After years of tireless work for our indigenous rights, environmental protections, food and health security and more, we decided to develop a Benefit Corp/seed store to help fund the work of our people, our tribes, and our fellow Native Seedkeepers. Special plants are our passion! Order your potatoes starts, sweet potato slips, garlic and asparagus crowns with us throughout the year! There is only one built to give back. Best Container Size: 12"+ Instructions: After all danger of frost, in a sunny location, sow a few seeds spaced evenly over a hill 9-12 inches tall and 2' across. We have them. The NM Tree and Garden Center located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has discovered that Monsanto is buying heirloom seed companies. They are also buying the trademarks to a number of heirloom seeds. Heirloom Seed Companies United States. Although a vast majority of our customers may only know us as a seed company, the reality is we are actually a revolution. We've taken the Safe Seed Pledge & do not support Monsanto! Add to Cart.