I remember catching the bus to downtown syracuse in the front under those columns, that is when the driver would actually stop and not force me to run across the parking lot to the next stop!Later this building was used my JC Penney. Westvale? Could you correct the typo in my first posting? Under neat the table it says Edwards on it. Menawhile, I will add a little to my first "Edwards" posting.The guiding genius to E. W. Edwards, from 1945 to '68, was E. Winston Rodormer. As I've written elsewhere, may we be be THAT to today's children ! it cut through a portion of the Toyland warehouse...Both buildings were demolished in February 1973. I have a side table bought in Sept 1929 @ Edwards for 299. Our History. I still remember how to fill out the receipt book and use the cash register. I can remember having lunch with her in the Cherry Valley Room. When I was a young working girl, I would often rent a book for pennies a day or perhaps a nickel. View upcoming funeral services, obituaries, and funeral flowers for Edwards and Son Funeral Home,Inc. store go back to before I was born (sort of). Any chance you might have the recipe for the fantastic Mac and Cheese from the Tea Room?Hutiii@cox.net if you do! departed this life on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at her residence. The Edward … To us, a country ham is synonymous with family tradition. We must have known each other. (I have found newspaper references to it in every year, from 1953 to '68, but NOT in '69.) Remember the Busy Bee? Our desire is to serve families at their time of need and to provide pre-planning assistance. Thank you for such well-put comments. It is a bank now, I believe. I too still have some wooden nickles from there! Thank you for the memories! This site brings back memories. They were not in the new building very long before they shut down. Thank you for visiting Edwards and Son Funeral Home, Inc. serving all in the South Jersey and Tri State area for over 30 years, from two locations. Andrew Robert Edwards (1848 -1891) was born in Chipping Sodbury and about 1875 moved to Aberdeen where he was employed by George Washington Wilson, Photographer. Bak,First, this is a beautiful site !You wrote (quite accurately !) Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. 1043 Serpentine Lane, Suite F and G Pleasanton, CA 94566 1-800-48-EDWARDS (1-800-483-3927) FAX 925-223-6999 Mark E. FarringtonEast Syracuse, NY(P.S. If so, please email me ay jhunnicutt13212@aim.com. That is, "take" the tunnel, not "tkae" the tunnel...Thanks ! I remember meeting him, and seeing him smile as I, as my Father had instructed me, stuck my hand out to shake his after I was introduced. Many Great memories as a child with them in the house. He passed away August 15, 2016 of pancreas cancer. This was during 1974 -1975 period. About ten years ago they removed the huge acrylic light sculpture which hung over the escalators and a Syracuse tradition faded into history. In the current Post Standard block.I attended Central Tech and spent a lot of time downtown. I got a private ride on that contraption almost every year for about 10 years.If anyone feels a need to share information, contact me at "b3minimoog@hotmail.com". Great information from Mark. Does anyone know if the actual train was saved? On December 11, 2020 he was called ... View full obituary, Ella Mae (Worthen) Lee departed this world on December 6, 2020, at Acuity Specialty Hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There was rampant stagflation, and the derangement of the whole economic structure by the doubling-tripling of oil prices...But the REAL nail-in-the-coffin, to the customer-base, may have been this : right about that time, most U.S. corporations stopped passing on their still-increasing profit gains to their employees - for the first time in over 150 years. Both my parents worked downtown at some of the late stores. Since 1964, Edwards & Sons has proudly served the counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Rockingham, and Shenandoah, and the cities of Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, and Staunton. My mother worked for Len Sorkin (?) (He also retired at just the right time.) We were living green half a century before it was cool!As to why stores like Edwards died, I can remember kids whose moms preferred driving out to the new suburban shopping centers as they appeared. By 1879 Andrew was married to … It's the flavor of dry cured, hickory smoked country ham, bacon and sausage that delivers a nostalgic … She was born to ... View full obituary, Keith Erin Lamar Bartee aka “Nunnie”, a life-long resident of Brotmanville N.J, died unexpectedly on November 30, 2020 at the ... View full obituary, Cleveland Bernard Poole, age 71 of Bridgeton, NJ passed away on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 after an extended illness. I hated to see it go. I found Wooden Nickels with the EDWARDS Dept.Lexington MA. . I will be in contact... (Russ Grasso rrgrasso @aol.com), I have a painting that looks like a beautiful scene of a church. Plan a funeral, find contact information and more. 193 likes. I remember sitting on his lap, trying to describe a LP I wanted - not by telling him the title or the performing artist, but by what the label looked like (!). Does anyone remember the spice cake with fruit in it that they served in the Tea Room? He has over 15 of the Christmas window animated displays. Edwards quarantined himself from the beginning, his son said, skipping a church service Oct. 18 — though by then COVID-19 was already present in that congregation Another lawmaker, Rep. Scott Clem (R-Gillette), leads that church. Like the train at Edwards and the store windows AT Christmas. The Santa's toyshop/North Pole on the top floor of Edwards, was simply magical, as were the downtown Christmas display windows with all the intricate animation and costuming.Having grown up with downtown Syracuse in its finest time, (before the horrific move of the public library from the Carnegie building to the hideous downtown mall), it was a world of wonder and people and food, and when it ended, my life was forever lessened. Anyone remember getting a Tim pie from Wells&Coverly? (She later enlisted in the Womens' Air Corps. View Recent Obituaries for Edwards & Son Funeral Home, Inc.. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information As our community is taking steps to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and as a critical service … The bus driver often would not stop there and you had to race over to where Poor Richards was to catch it. Must have been in the late 40's that my grandmother took me to a double feature: So Dear to my Heart and Bambi. Everything? I loved Edwards. Edwards and Son Funeral Home, Inc. 166 7th St, Salem, NJ 856-935-3567 Send flowers. Jacks Dinner also had another name. any connection, I worked at the Camillus Plasa store and went to school next door at West Genesee Jr/Sr High School. C.J. EW Edwards began in Syracuse, but also had expanded rapidly to Rochester and Buffalo too in the early 1900s. A brilliant woman, who would be about 130 yrs. She was born in Easton, Maryland on ... View full obituary, Juanita Kelly Mosley was born January 1, 1964 and transition unto Allah on December 4, 2020. I had no idea there were other "Edwards".. My mother's married name was Rosalie Stahl; she met my father in the Air Force during her stay in California during the war.By the way, it wasn't a 'train' that ran through Edwards store, it more properly was called the 'monorail'. The Ridgemont and Pittsford stores were sold to Gorin Stores of Boston, and continued to operate as Edwards until the early 1980's. That was our special treat at Christmas. I think it was in the Stop and Shop plaza or next door (in what is now Walgreens). Edward Don and Company is the world's leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies. The museum holds all sorts of information about classic department stores which either no longer exist, or are changed beyond recognition. This was back in the 50's. He passed away August 15, 2016 of pancreas cancer. "The old "main" store building was on South Salina Street. 5 out of 5 stars (289) 289 reviews $ 137.00. Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Co., Buffalo, New York, Arnold, Constable & Co. New York City, New York, Bergdorf Goodman, New York City, New York, Bloomingdale Brothers, New York, City New York, B. Gertz & Co., Jamaica, Queens, New York, R. H. Macy & Co., New York City, New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co., Rochester, New York. I know this posting is very late but to the anonymous person inquiring about the Edwards dept store in Lexington MA, yes, there was one on Mass Ave. She had great pride in her work, in the company, and thought the world of your Grandfather, who treated her with great respect. I would love to share my photos of the animated window displays. If you own a rental property in Baltimore County and are in need of a rental license inspection, Edwards and Son … A.G. Edwards, Inc. was an American financial services holding company; its principal wholly owned subsidiary was A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., which operated as a full-service securities broker-dealer in … I found an amazing collection of small compacts in two colors. There was an Edwards on Genesee St. in Buffalo, as well as at the Abbott Rd Plaza as late as the 1950s in Buffalo. From shop MerrittRobinsonStore. You could purchase on line at www.brzosteck.com. Her maiden name was Rosalie Kurgan). Edwards & Son … It’s an amazing swing style with high color in long two-toned fur and matching cuffs; the rest is a very tight fur in a dark grey brown. Online ordering Hello,Im writing to you today because my Father Richard Essel had worked in your Syracuse, NY store for many years before they closed. Mr Rodormer... my Grandmother was a Housekeeper from 1955 to 1969 in the Syracuse store. One block to the west, on South Clinton Street, was the old "annex" - which housed the legendary Toyland and its fabled ceiling train, the Toyland Rocket. tks in advance! Your comment must be approved before it is posted. I had to double check and see your profile name to be sure I hadn't written this comment. Earl Benjamin Jr. 79 of Millville departed this life on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at his residence. Providing 30 Plus Years Of Dependable Customer Service. Does anyone happen to have the recipe? You'd tkae the tunnel "west," and it would emerge into Toyland where, when you looked, up, you'd spot the Rocket itself and the rails it ran along, affixed to that old tin ceiling. The Smoke Shop was run by a nice lady, June, who smoked pipes. The official site of Edward & Sons Trading Company, Inc. We supply innovative natural and organic vegetarian foods to stores and consumers throughout the world. We are holding a Auction of his things Nov 20 and Nov 21 and wanted to know they are here being auctioned off. Hence the tragic, skyrocketing of credit card use and the new need for mega-stores full of cheap, foreign products - because whole classes of people suddenly had less 'discretionary income' than they did a few short years before that...Not to mention that more members of the household were suddenly forced to work longer, more stressful hours for less purchasing power...Hence the destabilization of the family unit, and the decline of what is now called Family Values, or pushing that fabled "stability" out of the reach of more and more people. Plan a funeral, find contact information and more. My CCM 10 speed bike from money I saved during a summer job with the downtown public library. It was actually considered a fun day out. Her guardian was Marcella J. He has over 15 of the big Christmas window animated displays. I also found boxes of pristinely wrapped blush refills that fit the compacts.One compact reads 'TRUSKIN' another reads 'MH' and the others are blank.One of the blusher refill boxes reads 'E.W Edwards & son.I would love to send detailed photos as I would love to know more about these if anyone knows. They all taught me alot about how china was made, the history of crystal and started me out with the best work ethic that became my base for the future. We have Mickey mouse, Porkey pig, Tinkerbell, Rouldolf, and many more. Cleveland ... View full obituary, © Copyright 2007 - 20 Edwards & Son Funeral Home, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.Funeral Home Website by Batesville, Inc. | Funeral Planning and Grief Resources Those were wonderful days. Waldorf Cafeteria. Even the University Club is gone. (Also nearly next door, we'd have dinner in Child's Restaurant on occasion). You would enjoy them. When proposing to his beloved, Edward … The others are presented so that they may be properly remembered as a tangible part of the lives of their customers, shopping destinations where memories were often made. Should this email find you my email is Rodormerw@aol.com. I vividly remember EW Edwards new downtown store near Clinton Square but it did not last long. This site is wonderful. But having to take 2 Syracuse transit buses to and from Minoa, I enjoyed reading to pass the time. The Rocket was installed in 1953, and it ran from mid-November through Christmas Eve. Edwards and Son Funeral Home, Inc. 208 E Commerce St, Bridgeton, NJ 856-453-1960 Send flowers. And the most exciting thing was there was a fawn in the lobby that went around eating cigarette butts from the ashtrays. Hello, Mark!Thanks for the insightful commentary. and from your words, yours are very vivid indeed!BAK. JC Edwards & Son, Inc. is a full-service authorized distributor for the Industries leading manufacturers of… Ink Jet Systems, Production & Coding Equipment, Identification & Marking Products Shelving, … From Pick Up To Delivery. It had none of the charm or "feel" of the old store, and, sadly and amazingly, there was no attempt to replace the Toyland Rocket with anything equivalent, or better...What is so striking to me is how little time it took for the nostalgia to set in. I remember the train! Memories come back more & more about Edwards.We would go twice during Christmas, just to ride the train and then go down to Dey Brother's basement to eat in their restaurant. I posted the information above stating it lasted longer than it actually did. I remember the Lowes Theater. The Edward & Sons brand was born in 1978 with the launch of our Natural Instant Miso-Cup. I've always wondered about the history of it and your website has given me a few visuals to go on, I can now picture a young women buying it in the 40's and her being at the forefront of fashion at the time. (Perhaps I should have moved abroad).And let us not forget Loew's theatre. I would love to see pics of the train. He was born ... View full obituary, Patricia Lynne Farr 60 of Lawrence Twsp. View upcoming funeral services, obituaries, and funeral flowers for Edwards and Son Funeral Home, Inc. - Bridgeton in Bridgeton, New Jersey. We are holding a Auction of his things Nov 20 and Nov 21 and wanted you to know they are here being auctioned off, we unfortunatly cant keep them. I should think a book about Syracuse's downtown would be a great idea!Bruce, Allo, Monsieur Bak !I will contact you privately. Its got big buttons with appear to be covered in embroidery and ¾ length sleeve. Welcome To Edwards & Son, Inc. It was a fun place..half gift shop/half dept store. We have Mickey mouse, Porkey pig, Tinkerbell, Rouldolf, and many more. Thanks for the memories :). Downtown closed in 1971 or 72 I think. In regards to the 1973-75 period, it was when my father lost his job of 31 years with a family-owned firm which was sold to the Federal-Mogul corporation. The wholesome and innovative instant soup mix pioneered the blending of simple, familiar ingredients with … "The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are delighted to announce the engagement of their youngest son, Prince Edward, to Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones," the royal engagement announcement read. The order and rationale? I still have some trinkets from 'The Crossmon'. Another landmark.I remember a lot of restaurants downtown. Edward was the son of Henry VIII … Then a ride home on the Syracuse&Oswego Bus line to North Syracuse on their old, ugly Flxible Buses. You have some rare pictures and renderings that I haven't ever seen before, especially regarding the Edwards stores in Syracuse. Edward McCarthy, who had served in the Syracuse Fire Department (in charge of Stations 5 & 19, if I am not mistaken), from 1910 to 1942. If anyone knows or has any info I'd appreciate it. My God! Welcome to Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. old right now. Terms of Use | Privacy, The West Jersey Funeral Directors Association. .My great uncles Moran and Morat Bayette (cigar mfgrs) had an office across the street and also a room at the Hotel. The Rocket would circle Toyland, AND (talk about magic !) Vegan Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie Made with Edward & Sons Organic Mashed Potatoes and Road’s End… Bouillon Cubes Casseroles Coconut Milk Holiday Not Chick'n Bouillon Cubes Vegan Green Bean … Thank you for your detailed memory because it proved to me that this was the first store I made a significant and meaningful purchase from. They mirror my own, and since I like to travel abroad, it is sad to see that even small European towns have an active downtown district full of shopping and entertainment venues.More and more, I am thinking that stores like Edward's, which prospered for so long, only met their demise as our society declined to a point where they were unsupportable.At least we have those memories . Hello,Im writing to you today because my Father Richard Essel had worked in your Syracuse, NY store for many years before they closed. ), Mr Farrington, Thank you for your post and kind comments about Edward’s, I am the oldest grandson of EW or Pops as we affectionately called him. Welcome to Edwards & Son Ltd. We are a family business, yet we are one of the largest Citroen specialists in the country. You registered your name/birthday withthem, and every year on your birthday you'd get your free pie. Does anyone have any pictures of the train that used to run every christmas at the Edwards building in downtown rochester? Dependable Service, On-time Delivery and Professionalism. Edwards & Sons Automotive Equipment, Inc. is a Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) and distributor specializing in automotive equipment service, sales, installations, and full-scale project management … Edwards store in suburban DeWitt still stands in Shoppingtown Mall. They, too, expanded a bit into the Syracuse suburbs and even had a store in Middletown, NY in a large mall. I have been researching for months and have found no more info.ThanksMary. During which, E.W. I purchased a fur jacket from a vintage store about 15 years ago, the style is approx. I would urge that Chapppell's be added the list of great Syracuse department stores. I did not realize it closed so quickly after opening the new downtown building. How can the loss of the downtown we knew have affected us so strongly for the rest of our lives. I believe that 1968 was its last year of operation. What ever became of Fanny Farmer?I have worked near Downtown my entire life. Favorite Add to Vintage … : "stores like Edwards, which prospered for so long, only met their demise as our society declined to a point where they were unsupportable. 1966-1967. Dad remembers his Mom buying it when he was real young. Also I remember the great Christmas window displays. We are available to serve all of your needs. Building roads, clearing land, demolition of existing structures, drilling and blasting rock, installing site services, … Edward and Sons Trading Company, Inc. Create a special funeral service Part of the funeral planning process is designing a service that showcases life's … ... View full obituary, Chong Chu Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 21, 1951.