There are two main styles of covers: the bag style and the “shower cap” style. Where a spray skirt is used for kayaking, a cockpit cover is used to keep rain and debris from your cockpit when the kayak is being stored. It is the best kayak for an advanced angler that needs a more comfortable and reliability. In case you are not satisfied with the purchase of this kayak cover, a 3-month money back guarantee is offered with no questions asked. They are an essential tool for the maintenance and the storage of your kayak and ensure that your kayak will not become damaged while not in use. Although most of the materials are durable and long-lasting, they are susceptible to environmental damage over time. That’s why, after evaluating it against a number of the other kayak coverings on the market, we feel confident enough in its offerings that we’ve designated it the Best Kayak Cover! $31.00 $ 31. Kayak bodies are usually made from fiberglass or  heavy-duty plastic materials like polyethylene and outfitted with a variety of soft parts like seats and decklines. Cockpit covers also stop small animals finding your kayaking and using it as a dry warm nesting place for the winter. The cover will also continue to protect your vessel from the elements while you kick back at a hotel, campground or Walmart parking lot on your way to your destination. Covers are one more line of defense against elements that damage kayaks. A kayak stored out of doors will need a heavier duty cover than one stored inside, especially if the storage area is not well protected from the elements. More importantly, the cover is designed for a snug fit if stored upside down and right side up so it is suitable for a variety of storage situations and is easy to take on and off by yourself. SUP for paddle boards up to 13.5' Canoe - SOLD OUT; Not sure which kayak and canoe cover for outdoor storage fits your watercraft? A kayak spray skirt and a cockpit cover are similar, with the exception of a hole in the skirt where the person goes. Even indoor spaces, like basements or garages, are not immune to dust, light, mildew, and critters. } A tight, snuggly fitting cover keeps water from pooling on the fabric leaking water into your boat. BEST Marine and Outdoors rive a boat cover made fro 210D Oxford Polyester that is resistant to the UV rays, durable, and waterproof. Loving your kayak involves taking advantage of the best weather and enjoying the water and sun. As an added bonus, some even come with caution flags to attach to the end of your boat. However, great … It is important to keep your kayak away from anything like a heater as the changes in temperature can warp your boat and could potentially be a fire hazard. A tarp rigged like an a-frame tent against the shady side of a building can protect it from wind, salt, rain. If you do not have space indoors, any covered or well-protected outside space like under a porch, carport or alongside a building will do. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. UV damage will break down the polyester over time, and bumps and scrapes can cause rips and tears. The seams are double-stitched and use seal seams to weatherproof the cover, so you know that this is one of those kayak storage covers that has been engineered to get the job done. Here at The Adventure Junkies, we like to work hard and play hard, just like you. Visit our article on how to store a kayak. Just make sure to buy the right size and you’ll be able to keep your kayak safe and protected. Durable Waterproof Covers That Protect Your Kayaks and Cockpit from UV Rays, Debris and Water. "@type": "Question", Mold, and surface fungi known as mildew, thrive in moist conditions like damp basements and trapped rainwater. The lightweight material keeps it easy to wrap over your kayak, and the high-quality stitching will give you the confidence that it isn’t going to tear. No Ads. In fact, many of these “wannabes” will be turned away by the sight of the lock itself. Made with 600D polyester, the material won’t shrink or stretch and will remain durable over time. There are a number of different ways that kayak covers seal, the most common being a drawstring elastic paracord. The package finally arrives at your door, you open the packaging and start to cover your boat. The bag style covers work well for up-side-down storage rigs or if you are having major problems with critters taking up winter residence in your boat. The more durable your kayak travel cover the better. Just like UV light damages our skin, it will take a toll on your boat as well. It covers the whole vessel and closes with either clips (like a dry bag), drawstrings, or zippers. The Gymtop storage cover has all the features required to protect your kayak from rain, wind, sun, and snow. In our experience, kayaking is a summer activity. The tough Advanced Elements cover offers protection around the whole of your kayak, unlike the other “shower cap” type covers.